Tanya The Turd

The obnoxious little brat.. in silence.

Looks can be deceiving...

Tanya seems like a very nice little turd, but appearances can be deceiving.  Among all of my female dogs - bigger than her - she is the one that would engage in fights.  Not much reason for her to do it, but she does it anyway.  If one steps on her paw, a fight ensues.  If they look at her the wrong way, again, a fight ensues.  When she snaps at the others, it almost seems like she fights to the death and it scares me.  I'm afraid for them - I wouldn't want any of them to get hurt, in any way.

Tanya, an aspin - a breed native to the Philippines - was given to me by Secaspi.  If memory serves me right, she has been with me for almost two years now.  She is annoyingly cute (If there is even such a thing), and she is sweeter than sugar.  Yes, this brown turd is a very sweet dog.  But her kindness is confined to humans.  I wonder why this is so - I, however, think that she chooses to be aggressive towards the other dogs because of her desire to be an alpha dog.  Being an alpha in my house will never happen.  I am the alpha and Hera is my beta.. so, Tanya's desire to be number one remains a wish never to be fulfilled (buwahahaha!!!).

Tanya is a handful, but she is my baby.  Every now and then, she drives me mad but I still love her despite that.

Other than the fact that she reminds me of a brown, sausage-shaped poop; her obnoxious behavior takes the words right out of my mouth - Turd, my turdy dog.


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